Meltemi Restaurant Naxos

Enjoy the authentic Greek cuisine & fresh seafood in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

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We welcome you to “Meltemi”, a family restaurant with a tradition of local cuisine prepared with the finest and the freshest of local ingredients.

Meltemi’s consistent quality has earned it an enviable reputation in the gastronomic history of our island. In the 1970’s we began our journey, exploring the wealth of our island’s flavours. Our original and innovative use of the abundant local products of Naxos, our desire for high quality and our genuine love of good food have inspired us & led us to our current place among the island’s most beloved dining establishments.

At our restaurant one can enjoy local specialties such as the “Kalogiros” (eggplant stuffed with beef, Naxos’ Gruyere and Béchamel sauce), the grilled stuffed fresh calamari, fresh swordfish, plenty of fresh fish & seafood. Our extensive menu of authentic Greek cuisine also includes carefully chosen grilled meats (with a large choice of sauces), traditional greek dishes (Lamb in lemon-oregano sauce, beef “Stifado”, “Kleftiko”, “Moussaka” & more), vegetarian dishes (stuffed tomatoes, eggplants ragout, briam & more), a variety of local cheeses and Naxos’ wines & raki.

Find our restaurant on the way to St. George Beach at Protopapadaki P. Road, Naxos Town | find us on Google Maps →

Naxos produces excellent meats, vegetables and cheeses, such as arseniko (hard goat cheese) and thiliko (fresh cheese), xinomyzithra (a crumbly semi-fresh cheese), graviera (like gruyere) and kopanisti (a fermented piquant soft cheese), which we of course use at our Meltemi restaurant. Because Naxos is an agricultural island most of the restaurants, like our own Meltemi restaurant, feature locally grown vegetables, fruits and meats, and of course fish, though chances are better that your meat is local than your fish.